Tirso Gracia

Tirso Gracia is head of the Employment Department at the Barcelona office. He joined the Firm in 2006 when his own firm merged with Ventura Garcés López-Ibor following many years of close collaboration between both entities.

He was HR Director at a distribution company for 4 years.

He has wide-ranging experience of providing advice on employment issues to a large number of companies in the printing, publishing, leather goods, fashion, iron and steel, food and agriculture and chemical sectors. He has also managed many restructuring processes at large companies, managing negotiations with works committees and trade unions.

He often advises clients in the Employment Courts and in mediation proceedings heard by Courts of Arbitration and Joint Committees.

He manages the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements for the leather goods industry in Madrid and Catalonia, as well as managing negotiations for the Assistance Scheme for the Footwear, Leather and Leather Goods sectors.

He regularly takes part in TV and radio debates and often publishes articles on current legal issues relating to employment law in the media.

Former President of the Guild of Leather Craftsmen in Catalunya.

He is a member of the Social Council at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

He is Associate Professor of Labour Relations at the School of Senior Management and Administration (EADA) in the Master of Human Resources Management and the Executive MBA, for more than 20 years.

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Degree in Law from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Diploma in Human Resources Management from EADA.
Postgraduate Diploma in Company Law from the Barcelona Bar Association.

Spanish, Catalan, English and French

Barcelona Bar Association

Terrassa Bar Association
Member of the Social Council at UAB